Heat & Air Conditioner Maintenance Lets Your Unit Run Longer More Efficiently

A well-maintained central air conditioner or heater last years longer and saves you thousands of dollars compared to a poorly maintained unit. At Theriot Heating and Air, we believe in helping you save money by ensuring your unit is running efficiently for as long as possible.

Our trained and experienced technicians ensure your unit is running at maximum efficiency with routine heat and air conditioner maintenance services. We inspect your unit, clean it, and service it to ensure it runs smoothly for years to come with our maintenance package.

Heat and Air Conditioner Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Thermostat Operation and Mounting Inspection
  • Air Handler Cabinet Cleaning
  • Blower Component and Wheel Check and Adjustment
  • Condensate Drain Cleaning
  • Capacitor and Contactor Point Inspection
  • Electrical Connection Check
  • Motor Voltage and Amperage Check and Part Lubrication
  • Coil Check and Cleaning
  • Temperature and Air Flow Check
  • Duct and Pipe Inspection
  • Additional Investigation of Potential Problems
  • Pilot Light and tubing Cleaning
  • Safety and Efficiency Check of Low Voltage Wiring
  • Transformer Output Check
  • Complete Performance Check and More!

We Save You Money with Routine Maintenance

With a Theriot’s Heating and Air maintenance contract, your unit will not only last longer and save you the cost of buying a new unit but also save you money in energy expenses. A well-maintained unit doesn’t have to run as long or work as hard to keep your home or business at the right temperature. We keep your unit in top condition so you save monthly in energy costs. With a clean unit, coils, and filter, your heating and air system will work optimally and keep your place feeling just right. 

Benefits of a Heat and Air Conditioner Maintenance Contract:

  • Priority Scheduling for Emergency Services
  • Life Span Extension of Unit
  • Continued Maximum Efficiency
  • Consistent Freon Levels for Efficient Cooling
  • No After-Hour Rates for Service Calls
  • Contract Transferal to New Home
  • 10% Off Labor and Park Repairs
  • 10% Off Filters and UV Lights

Avoid repair and replacement costs and lower your energy bill with Theriot’s Heating and Air maintenance services. We will ensure your unit is performing at its best with regular maintenance so you never have to worry about climate-control problems. Call us today for your free, no-obligation maintenance estimate for your heating and cooling system.