HVAC Systems and Equipment

When you are ready for a new HVAC system or need replacement parts for your current one, we have everything you need. From high-efficiency air conditioners to new heat pumps, we have everything you need to keep your home or business at exactly the right temperature.

Air Conditioners

We sell top-of-the-line, quality air conditioners that are known for energy efficiency. If you need a new air conditioning unit, call us today and we will help you choose one that best fits you and your budget. Our units can help you save money in energy costs. We will even install it for you and ensure it’s working with our installation service.

Gas Furnaces

When your old furnace is not keeping your place warm and cozy, we are ready to help fit you with a new one from our large selection of gas furnaces. We work with your budget and offer quality units at affordable prices. We can recommend a good unit for you based on energy consumption, price, and availability.


From smart thermostats that learn your habits to standard digital ones, we can help you choose a thermostat that will fit you and your needs perfectly. Our experienced technicians will install your thermostat and get your home or business on the right path to comfort.

Air Handlers

When your property is not receiving air equally throughout, we are ready with capable and efficient air handlers. Our air handler units will help regulate and distribute your heat or air efficiently throughout your home or business for an even temperature all around.

Cooling Coils

When your AC coils freeze or break beyond repair, we can replace them with brand new coils that will keep your AC unit running longer and more efficiently. Our technicians always carefully inspect your cooling coils to ensure no other option is available, but are ready to help install new ones when you need them.

Heat Pumps

If your heater is not blowing warm air into your home when you need it most, it’s time to call Theriot’s Heating and Air. We can replace your heat pump quickly and efficiently for a warm home or business. Our heat pump installation service will keep your property cozy during the colder months.

Indoor Air Quality

Allergies can flare up even indoors without the proper filtration on your HVAC system. At Theriot’s Heating and Air, we can ensure you home or business has fewer allergens in it by providing you with the proper indoor air filtration system.